Thursday, January 13, 2011


jom nyanyi....~~


Growing up listening to my mother talking to me about the day when I’mma become a man
(When you become a man)
Conversations with my father stressing the fact that life is a test “One day you’ll understand”
(You’ll understand)
Saying “We don’t expect you to know any better right now but down the road things will change”
(Things will change)
“And as you’re growing older gotta put more on your shoulders, so be strong through all the pain”
(Strong through all the pain)
So basically all my life I’ve been waiting for that day to apply all that my parents taught me
(My parents taught me)
Now I’m starting to realize all the things they described are starting to creep up on me
(Creep up on me)
As long as I’m aware of what is there, tomorrow will come and I’ll be prepared
(I’ll be prepared)
Another day will pass, I know that day’s approaching fast, gotta be responsible
(I gotta learn to be responsible)


Gotta be careful with what I do
I gotta control what I say
Gotta learn to listen to that reasonable voice
I’m bout to make my own choices


Growing up pushed around, stressing now just to hold my ground but I gotta learn to swallow my pride
(Swallow my pride)
Just a boy grown too fast, forced himself to be a man, ready for the big sacrifice
(The big sacrifice)
My mother taught me how to get through life
I never had to give just sacrifice
Now I tried so hard just to build that trust
Head up, back straight, hands down now I must
Move on, with my head strong
Can’t afford to make mistakes now I’m grown
Gotta learn, to be ready for that burn
The respect I earn is here to stay
For the day I pray
There’s no way I could turn around
Gotta learn to live to accept my doubts
Surrounded by many conditions
I gotta take my time cuz now I’m responsible
Responsible for my actions my choices my ways
Responsible for these days

(Jawad & Akbar)

Living in the present but the future is now
I gotta learn from the past gotta turn it around
Gotta realize that actions speak volumes
And now the younger generations copy all that I do
(So I gotta)


I’m responsible
Repeat 3x
I can take responsibility

~self reflection: "I can take d responsibility???"

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