Saturday, December 4, 2010

Please by D-Clique

Tried to find the light
Realized aint no light at the end of the tunnel
Took four years for this to be clear
That the war overseas is all about money
Sun don't shine, clouds of dust
Grass aint green, no one to trust
Take this hand don't let it go
My brother hold on
Just a little while
Grow up strong my little child
The future's in your eyes
These tears were meant to ascend into the sky
One billion wishes, ten million cries
One ummah attacked and still alive
This sacrifice, the tears we cry
And this is all I'm asking

Will you help this cause
Will you help this feeling
Will you stop this war
Will you help my healing
Down on both my knees
Help me find the meaning
Tell me it's not real
Help me lift my spirit

Down on my knees, will I try to save my people
Bombs flying in the skies, now we running from the evil
Stronger than before so don't think that we're weak
So don't try to hold us down we getting up on our feet
Asleep in the mosque the Quran's in my hand
You gotta get through us before you take this land
Trying your hardest, making schemes and plans
But you never going to break us, united we stand
Push it to the limit, and step off my level
We fighting in the dark with the shadow of the devil
When the lights going to shine there's a score to settle
Take you down real hard with our bones and metal
Now listen to my lyrics as I keep hope alive
Praying for that day we got faith on our side
Power to survive, courage to arise
Take me by the hand and go toward the light now


Got to hold my breath just to keep thinking bout it
My brothers are fighting their children are crying
The nights stay cold and the day filled with violence
We can't hold our silence, our people are dying

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